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"Lap Time"

Recently, as I sat in Church waiting for the service to start, I noticed a man seated a few rows ahead of me and to my right. He had left empty the two seats beside him and next to the aisle. As the service started these two seats remained unoccupied and I noticed that periodically he would look at them with consternation.

As you can tell, I was rather curious about all this and paying more attention – possibly too much – to what was going on to my right than what was occurring on the stage.

About ten minutes into the service a couple came down the aisle and stopped at the two empty seats and the man welcomed them to sit down. Accompanying them was a child who appeared to be about seven years-old. However, there was not a vacant seat for him. Then it suddenly all became clear.

As the man who had saved the seats pulled the child to him and the young boy climbed up on his lap it was obvious that this was the boy’s grandfather. Considering there was no shortage of seats in the Church, it wa…