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Bush, Faith, and the Culture

Last week President Bush was interviewed by Cynthia McFadden for ABC’s Nightline. The interview was intended to specifically focus on the President’s beliefs in regard to his Christian faith. His answers to some of those questions proved to be quite controversial; particularly among conservatives and evangelicals. [CLICK HERE OR ON PHOTO TO VIEW NIGHTLINE INTERVIEW]

Here are some comments from bloggers and online media sources that are reflective of some of the responses being generated by the Nightline interview:

“All it [the interview] proves to me is that Bush is an intellectual lightweight who doesn't have the capacity to defend his own faith.”

“I kinda think that Bush has lost his first love from being around political Washington too long; that is, if he was ever truly born again as claimed.”

“I honestly do not think President Bush intended to do this or meant what he said. At least, I hope he didn't. I do believe that this entire interview put tremendous pressure on Mr. Bush…