Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Okay, I admit it. I have been remiss in posting to this blog on a timely basis.

Do I have an excuse? You betcha!

Is it a good one? I don't know, let me try it out.

Earlier this year, I was approached by Dr. Bob Terry, the editor of the Alabama Baptist Newspaper, with an idea he had for a series of articles to help their readers understand more about the diversity of religious sects in our nation. This was to be an eleven week series and he asked if I would be willing to write the articles. I agreed to take that on and, while it has been a great ministry project and well received, it has also taken up a lot of the time I have allocated to writing. Thus, a decrease in attention to this blog.

To make amends, here are links to the first six articles (maybe these should count as six blog posts, which would mean I haven't been remiss in my blogging after all):

Spiritual Buffet

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Christian Science

Atheists and Agnostics


It is my understanding that the remainder of the topics (New Age, Wicca, Occult, Nation of Islam, and the Word-Faith Movement) will be placed online once they have all been published in the print edition of the paper. This should be sometime in December.

By the way, I may get a little behind in my blog again next year. A couple of weeks ago, Dr. Terry contacted me and told me this series was being so well received by readers, he would like to extend it with a second part, next year.

Don't worry, if I do get behind, you can count on me to come up with a lame excuse. Now, don't you feel better?

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