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Say It Ain't So Reba!

Grammy award winning, country singer, Reba McEntire has had numerous hit records. She’s been in movies, had her own television show, and has several product lines she endorses. Without question, she presents that down-home country likability. In fact, you might say she’s everyone’s “country darling”.

However, even she must realize that what she confessed to believe, during a recent interview in the Pittsburg Post-Gazette (Oct 16), will be so startling to many that it will dramatically change how they regard her. The interview starts out innocently enough, with her talking about her sitcom, movies, and even her foray into horse racing.

She even gives a nod to God acknowledging her talent is, “a gift from God”. And that if she didn’t use it, she, “wouldn’t blame Him one bit if he took it away and gave it to someone else”.

Nothing all that controversial so far. However, her answer when asked to reveal a secret for her fans will surprise many of them. The “secret” seems innocent enough when her response is an admission that she has Annie Lennox on her iPod.

But, then it takes a completely unexpected turn when she reveals a secret concerning which she says, “I will get flak from Christians who will say I can't be a Christian if I believe this”.

So, what was the “secret”? After telling of her appreciation for Lennox, she added, “I believe in reincarnation…I believe I've gone both ways – that I have been here before as a man.” (Reincarnation is the belief that when one dies he/she will be born again as a different person.)

It was at that point McEntire recognized she would get “flak” from Christians, adding, “…I'm sorry, but this is how I live my life, this is what I believe”. In fact, Reba goes on to say, Maybe I’m part Buddhist”.

Maybe she is, but what is the other part? It seems she’s not sure.

Her view should not be surprising. Reba simply joins a growing list of Hollywood celebrities who embrace the belief in reincarnation, or a religion that teaches reincarnation. Celebrities like: Oprah, Shirley MacLaine, Madonna, and Tom Cruise.

Now, lest we believe Hollywood has cornered the market on reincarnation, a 2005 poll by Gallup found that 20% of Americans believe in it. Another 20% said they were not sure if it was true.

So, here we are, a nation that was supposed to have been founded as Christian, with 40 % of the people not sure whether reincarnation is true, or not. At least Reba knows it’s not Christian.

Truly, this is not your grandfather’s country.

Click Here to read the Post-Gazatte article.


Tim Faulk said…
I really wish I were surprised by Reba's "surprise". It seems like so many so-called Christian celebs are so weak scripturally that they are easily deceived. I think far too many have resigned Jesus to be a "prophet" or a "good teacher" or even a savior to some but the idea of exclusivity of Christ as Savior and Lord is not a prevalent belief in our culture. Just as with our politics, we've seen our "religious" beliefs degrade into political correctness and we dare not insist on a single way. The culture basically says who is this arrogant, self-absorbed God that is so insecure that we have to do things His way? Unfortunately, we as a culture do not understand God, when He states that He is a jealous God (Exodus 20:4-5). The real arrogance is on our part when we dare suggest that our own "knowledge" and beliefs supersede Almighty God. Frankly, what good is a God that is subject to or swayed by my way of thinking?

So again, it comes down to a flawed understanding of God. By stating that she believes in reincarnation, Reba has basically denounced Jesus as God (since Jesus is the Word - John 1:1) and a belief in reincarnation is a slap in the face of a God that has stated we have one life (Heb 9:27). So, yes Reba, true Christians aren't going to be thrilled with your belief. True Christians don't compromise Christianity with false beliefs from other world faith systems. It may seem right to you that you existed before, but as with all things that man thinks is "right", it only leads to death (Prov 14:12).

I am praying that it is not too late for revival in our nation, but as with Reba, the human heart wants to be deceived and Satan only needs a pinch of truth to spread the lie. He's been spreading the same lie (Gen 3:5) for 6000 years of recorded history and we are so gullible that we continue to buy it hook, line, and sinker.

Keep preaching it. Our culture needs to wake up.
Fenstermaker said…
As a Christian, I find those beliefs bizarre. I feel like celebrity Christians should spend less time sitting around wondering about themselves and more time focusing on their purpose here on earth. I think "fame" and "power" can be misleading in filling your life with egocentric friends who feed off this kind of weirdness.

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